Email was not designed to be used the way we use it now.
Email is not a messaging protocol. It's a todo list.
Paul Graham. Co-founder, Y Combinator
Introducing Project Email
The best way to organize your life and delegate tasks
Create and share
Create activities or tasks and share them with your contacts. Add dates, tags and even add a Google Map address.
Quick reply buttons
Use our quick reply buttons to reply and delegate tasks to your contacts. When you delegate it to someone else it will automatically on that persons Todo list.
Pixel perfect + Retina + Cloud
The trifecta of the mobile apps. Sync all your email and tasks with our cloud based mobile app.
Hold your horses.
This is just a prototype.
This is an ongoing concept/experiment that I am working on. Feedback is super important. Leave your comments below or follow the discussion on Hacker News
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Sounds challenging?
I am a mere UI designer, so if you think this is a challenging project and you believe you are up to the challenge, let me know. I’d love to see this project alive.
About me.
I’m a 23 years old UI designerfrom the warm and friendly Paraguay. Follow me on Twitter or Email me anytime.

PS: I will be in New York and San Francisco in January and I will love to meet smart folks and see what we can build together.